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  • $1200 per Team
  • Registration applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis
  • Team captains are responsible for handling any team fees or dues

League Format

  • 8 Weeks league plus, playoffs, and all Star game, 3 point contest
  • Games will be on Monday Nights 
  • Venue: Fore kicks Norfolk and Parker Elementary Quincy

Roster Management

  • Players
    • Open
    • Player must remain on that team for the remainder of the season.
    • Players must have waiver completed prior to tip-off.
    • A player must have played 3 regular season games to be allowed to play in the playoffs.
    • Players under 15 must provide parent’s permission.
    • All players participate at their own risk!
    • Must wear a mask at all times
  • Captain
    • Team must designate one captain for the season.
    • Players present at the game must select a temporary captain if the captains are not present at game time.
    • The captain shall be responsible for the conduct and eligibility of his player.
  • No roster changes are allowed after the second game.

Team Uniform

  • All teams will wear like colored jerseys.
  • Jerseys must have number on front and back.
  • Jersey numbers must be clearly visible/readable from scorer's table.
  • A technical foul will be issued to the player not in uniform and penalty free throws will be awarded to the other team.

Pre-Game Rules

  • Teams may start with a minimum of 4 players.
  • Forfeit will be called if team is late 15 minutes after tip-off is ready.
  • Opponent may call teams not ready at tip-off a forfeit or choose pro-rated time option: 3 minutes of game clock time for every 5 minutes of elapsed real time. Pro-rating late games are enforced due to league's financial commitment to referees and gym facilities.
  • Protests on eligibility issues must be made before the game.
  • First game tips-off EXACTLY at 7:30 pm
  • Second game starts 5 minutes after the first game.


  • The Referee’s decision is final and is not subject to protest.
    Note: If Players or team officials who have questions regarding the conduct of the game must defer these questions through the team’s captain only. There will be no exceptions.
  • One (2) Official, one (1) Scorekeeper, and one (1) Timekeeper per regular season games. Two (2) Official, one (1) Scorekeeper, and one (1) Timekeeper per play-off games.
  • The Officials, Timekeeper and Scorekeeper must agree on the final score of the game and each will sign the Scorebook to confirm the final score.
  • If there is a discrepancy between the scores on the Official Score book and the Scoreboard, the running score on the Official Score book will prevail, unless Official(s) agree that an error has occurred.
  • The Scorekeeper will inform the Officials of the foul situation. This includes personal fouls, team fouls, and technical fouls.
  • A team may have an authorized representative team at the Official Table during the game.

Game Rules

  • Two (2) twenty (20) minute halves running time except for the last two (2) minutes of the second the clock will stop with each dead ball.
  • Three (2) minute intermission between halves.
  • Two 60 seconds timeout per half, there will be no carry over
  • Team who started four (4) players must finish the game with at least three players, if their players were lost due to injury or foul disqualification. If the team is unable to field three (3) players, the team will forfeit the game and lose by a ten (10)-point margin.
  • Player(s) may not enter the game without the consent with the Official officiating the game.
  • Player(s) will be asked to remove watches, rings, earrings, necklaces or jewelry of any kind before participating in a game to avoid injuries. No exceptions!


  • In case of a tie after regulation time has expired, there will be a three (2) minute overtime period.
  • If no winner emerges after two (2) overtime periods, the first team to score a point during the fourth overtime periods will be the winner (“sudden death rule”).
  • One (1) time out allowed per overtime, no carry over of timeouts.
    NOTE: Each team is responsible in cleaning their respective benches after each game.


  • A seventh (7th) team fouls places the opposing team in a bonus free-throw (one on one) situation
  • A player is disqualified or “Fouls out” after committing five (6) personal fouls.
  • A player or a coach who is assessed two (2) technical fouls during the game will be ejected from the game and be asked to leave the bench.
  • Any un-sportsmanlike conduct by a player or a team official such as harassment, threats, derogatory remarks towards game officials, league staff, or opposing players will be subject to technical fouls and possible ejection from the game.
  • Any player committing 2 technical fouls must leave the premises.
  • A player will be suspended one game on the player's 3rd technical foul accrued.
  • Each subsequent technical after the 3rd will result in one more game suspension.
  • The suspensions will carry over into the playoffs if necessary.
  • No player-to-opposing-player disputes allowed; go to refs or be subject to techs

Flagrant Foul

  • A player who commits a flagrant foul may be ejected from the game. The Officials and the Commissioner and/or Officer-in-Charge are the only persons who can enforce the ejection and possible suspension.

"No-Tolerance" Penalties

  • Any player(s) who throws the first contact including punches, kicks, elbows, head butts, etc. against an opposing player or team official, will be automatically suspended for the remainder of the league.
  • Any player(s) who retaliates will also be automatically suspended the next two (2) games.
  • Player(s) entering the playing surface during an altercation will be automatically suspended the next game.
  • Any harmful physical action taken by any player(s) or team officials against any of the league officials, including the Officials, Commissioner, timer, scorer, will result in automatic suspension form the remainder of the league and possible ban from future events.
  • If a player is suspended during their final game, the suspension may carry over the next season at the discretion of the league officials.
  • Any player who is ejected from a game must leave the playing facility immediately. EXCEPTION: In the case of a fight or physical altercation between two participants, the ejected players will leave separately.
  • The league reserves the right to kick unruly spectators, players, or coaches out of the gym. 

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